How High-Growth CEOs lead High-Growth Companies

High-Growth Companies are different. They’re audaciously ambitious, driven, agile and innovative.

To succeed and exceed, they need High-Growth CEOs.

Our proprietary research has analysed more than 15,000 High-Growth Firms (HGFs) and conducted interviews with 100+ CEOs, Board Members and Investors – in order to identify the leadership principles, disciplines and actions that set High-Growth CEOs apart from other CEOs.

The findings are consistent and compelling:

The clear majority of High-Growth CEOs follow many – often all – of 15 Leadership Principles that have empowered them to transform the growth trajectory of their companies:

The 15 Principles of High-Growth Leadership


Make Tough Calls
at the Top

Create a
Compelling Vision

to Motivate

the Customer

over Process

Obsess with
What’s Next

Take Risks
and Place Bets

Fight for
What’s Right

Act with


Inspire and

Seduce all

Drive to

Keep Raising
the Bar

How we help
CEOs become
High-Growth CEOs

Combining empirical evidence with personal experience and professional expertise, we advise, support and guide CEOs – to help them develop and apply High-Growth Leadership Skills through a suite of CEO Services which include:
  • CEO Coaching
  • CEO Mentoring
  • CEO Advisory
  • CEO Consulting

All of these CEO Solutions are delivered by former-CEOs who have personal experience leading multinational companies to achieve High-Growth.

Each of us has led ambitious change and overcome bureaucratic barriers to deliver extraordinary results.

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How High-Growth CEOs lead High-Growth Companies

Learn what your peers are doing – and what you could be doing better:
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